Sunday Church

It’s our last day here, and I’m exhausted. This morning, we dressed up a little bit, and went to church. It was awesome. They had a guitar player and a singer, and they played contemporary music to a soundtrack. Several of the songs were the same songs that we sing at the church at home, but everything was in Spanish. They had words on a big screen, and they had fancy light systems plus a smoke machine. It was really neat. Singing worship this morning was one of the highlights of the trip for me. During the service, which was simulcast from somewhere else, we wore headphones which allowed us to hear the message translated into English. I was very happy to experience that church here in Guatemala delivered an identical message that I would experience at home.

Guat-Sun-1-1 Guat-Sun-1-2 Guat-Sun-1-3

After church, we stopped at a mall of sorts and bought lunch. Nothing terribly exciting to report there.

After that, we headed to one final orphanage. Although, they don’t like to call it that; they call it a children’s home. I believe they have 35 kids ages 4-months to 18 years. On site, they have several apartments or houses, and they have Guatemalans act as parents to groups of kids. It’s more like a foster parent relationship that they build here, allowing kids to be raised by both a mother and father figure. During our visit, we had one group go out and play with the kids. Mostly soccer, but also some other things like rainbow loom, trampoline, and playground. Another team brought a picture frame craft to do with the kids. We even took pictures of the kids families and had a color printer print out the pics to put in the frames that they decorated. It was really nice.

Guat-Sun-2-10 Guat-Sun-2-11 Guat-Sun-2-01 Guat-Sun-2-02 Guat-Sun-2-03 Guat-Sun-2-04 Guat-Sun-2-05 Guat-Sun-2-06 Guat-Sun-2-07 Guat-Sun-2-08 Guat-Sun-2-09

Now we are back at the resort. I’m typing this journal entry, waiting for dinner. Then it’ll be time to pack and head to the airport.

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