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Using My Gifts to Make Life Easier

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

God has blessed me with the gift of solving problems by means of software development. In my career as a programmer, I find most of my joy in writing applications that make peoples’ lives easier.

At home, I have never written anything for the purposes of making a living – it has always been because I had a need, or I envisioned a better way of doing something. For example, a very long time ago, I enjoyed playing darts. I hated doing the math for playing 301, so I wrote an app for the Palm Pilot called “Oh-One!” The app not only kept track of the score, but it also displayed a real-time chart that showed you the most optimal way to win the game. I released the game as “postcard-ware”, requesting people send me a postcard if they found the app useful. I got thousands of downloads, and about five postcards from around the world. My app appeared in some Palm Pilot Apps magazine in Japan, too, which was neat to see “David Garozzo” in the middle of a sea of Japanese characters.

With life happening, I rarely get the chance to complete my pet projects. At least, not to the point where it’s worth distributing. In the event that I do write something that I feel is worthy of making pubic, I will share the details with you. Hopefully somebody out there will be able to enjoy using something I have put together. If that ends up being you, please let me know about it!