Casual, Cool Dog

Well, things were all switched around with today’s schedule and tomorrow’s schedule of events. Canine Partners switched almost everything except the fact that we still must wait until tomorrow night to bring home the dogs. I am so anxious to arrive to my home with Showbo and allow Showbo to encounter Cyera, and my home. She should love it, because there is plenty of room for her and Cyera to cause trouble together.

I am so tired tonight from a late night last night. I knew it would catch up with me, but I did not think it would be this soon. Ugh!

This morning was a tough and emotional time for Dave and I, but we have not had resolution. Showbo really helped me keep my mind off this issue.

We did some more obedience skills today, such as the come command, and Showbo is the most casual, cool dog in the group, which I think is great. She is never in a hurry, which is a huge resemblance of me. We have so many similarities that I think will enhance our bonding experiences, and I believe Canine Partners could not have created a better match for me. Yea!

Our training session today also included health concerns for our dogs, but I am not fearful that Showbo will encounter any of these problems, especially if I take extreme caution with her. She and Cyera are both my baby girls, and I love them very much!

I was a little disappointed that the play time did not permit our dogs to actually play, when I even brought Showbo her own new toys. Oh well, tomorrow night will be filled with plenty of time for Showbo to play.

There is one thing that is rather ironic. I, being the only blind recipient, have the honor of having the high maintenance puppy in the group. I had the lovely opportunity of making a doggy meatball with canned food for Showbo today, which included her 2 medication pills, but she ate it immediately. I am now going to be required to medicate her on a daily basis at my home, and then we can take all our drugs together. How cool is that?!

Well, see you tomorrow. Bye.

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