July is Here

I cannot believe it is already July, journal. Today was a beautiful day with spring-like weather.

Man, today has been the longest day thus far. I am sure this feeling is directly related to the trip to Longwood yesterday, but whatever. This morning was a horrible experience trying to dress Showbo in her harness. She has patience during all the other materials, but the harness thing just is not working well. Showbo backs away a lot, causing me to yank her with her leash, and then she turns her head to the side just when I think the harness is going over her head. It is so freaken frustrating!

The actual trip to Canine Partners was eventful, again, but this time it was a good thing. We stopped in Pet Smart to get the dogs some booties for their feet. I think Showbo dislikes her booties, because they do not match the rest of her. We do not want the princess dog to look silly. J

Of course we started with journal sharing, and the other 3 members of my journal group were late. This was the first day of late attenders, which ensures that yesterday was too exhausting. Anyway, one of the trainers, without mentioning any names, treated these latecomers with hostility when she drilled them with rejection at the door. The late recipients needed to fight her as if they were at a public location dealing with rejection. The times of denial in the public requires us to show the law book about service dogs, which I hope to never have to do.

After reviewing some previous commands, we learned the take it and tug command with the refrigerator door, and then we had a wonderful lunch. Lunch was provided by the family who hosted Showbo as a puppy for 2 weeks. Remember, the rest of the time for Showbo’s puppihood took place in a prison.

Well, then came the dreaded long discussion about the end of my relationship with Showbo. Ugh, I would rather not think about that right now. The whole scare of her possibly having a poodle disease was enough for at least one month, if not longer. It would be unpleasant for me, and everyone around me, if Showbo or Cyera decided to go to 4-legged heaven. Right now, they are my only 2 daughters, but I do hope to change that someday. Hint, hint, David!

Let me tell you something else. Showbo is so dainty that she cautiously does her services. Examples of this idea include her slightly touching the automatic door button for fear of breaking a nail and her giving a slight tug for the refrigerator door like a girl. Oh, when does the princess dog end, and the service dog begin? This lack of a transition may be my fault, but she is just so awesome!

As Darleen said a few times today, Showbo plans to give me 110% for at least 8 more years, retire as a wonderful pet and then pass away. Well, whenever she passes from me, I want it to be quick and painless, because I have absolutely no desire of “seeing” her in pain. However, I try to remember she is only a doggy, not a human with a soul. Again thanks to everyone’s prayers for her biopsy, though!

Ok, enough of my babbling until later. Bye.

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