Good morning, everyone. With Showbo and me, there is always a different first to talk about. This morning was Showbo’s bowel movement on Canine Partner’s property since we have been together, and David was not there. I did use someone else’s eyes, but only after the actual skin of my hand touched “the stuff” directly. Yuck! I immediately found a sink to wash my hands, and then Showbo had her stitches removed, which were from her recent biopsy. Now, I am able to give Showbo a more thorough brushing without fear of hurting her.

Today is the halfway point for team training, and we had a discussion about how Canine Partners does follow-up with all the recipients. I think it sounds more rough than it really is, but I guess I will find out soon enough.

We began the day with journal sharing, and some people still expressed sadness about yesterday’s discussion about ending a partnership. I handled my emotions well during this time, and then we practiced some more basic obedience. Showbo and the other service dogs now have permission to use her retrieval skills at home. Each dog chose a certain item to retrieve, and I chose a bowling ball. That idea did not go well, therefore, Showbo will practice retrieving laundry, which is of course dirty prior to her putting her doggy saliva on it.

Showbo was extremely overjoyed when she became free from her harness, because she had a long day in it. It is so cute when Showbo has playtime, especially with Cyera. I love hearing Showbo growling at her toys, chasing a hissing Cyera through the house, and/or winding in circles between my legs.

Well, after an excursion to Pet Smart in the afternoon, Showbo’s nails are painted purple, which now match her collar. She has a doggy pillow, a bell, and a treat bag. Not to forget Cyera, I also bought some little fuzzy mice, which was Showbo’s idea. As soon as we entered the store, Showbo independently guided me to the cat section. It was great!

Ok, time for bed.

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