Exton Mall

Oh, I did not sleep well last night. My bladder was overactive, and everytime I tried to unhook Showbo and get to the bathroom, I had a little accident. It was so awful.The morning finally came, and we prepared ourselves for the mall. Well, we prepared everything except Showbo’s bowels. Showbo took a dump right in the main corridor of the Exton Mall. Poor little poodle; we were both very embarassed. The whole mall thing caused stress for the both of us, because it is an unfamiliar area. Then, I found a human bathroom to allow time for us both to regain our composure, and for me to pee. What a great start!

Each recipient was given a list of tasks to finish before noon. Knowing Showbo’s talents, I used some of our time to visit the winery and get a free sample. Believe me, I could have used a lot more than a sample at this point. While at the winery, Showbo did a terrific go pay, and then we enjoyed a lunch at McDonald’s.

We finally left the mall, and we practiced some more door openings and go pay commands at the movie theatre. The whole group did well, and the movie, Finding Nemo, was excellent. Showbo received a lot of compliments today from strangers, and I believe this beautiful poodle may help me to promote my Herbalife business, as well as promote Canine Partners for Life.

The recipients have permission to now enjoy any public place, therefore, Showbo and I will go out somewhere tonight. Then, we will be off to bed.

Ugh. Showbo just peed in the house while going after Cyera. I guess I need to change her bathroom schedule now that she is getting more comfortable and relaxed. Please pray there are no more excretion excursions from Showbo. Thanks, bye.

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