Independence Day

Journal, happy Fourth of July!

I first want to tell you about the heart worm pill I tried to give Showbo a few days ago. The heart worm pill is designed to taste like dog treats, which is to make the dog actually want to eat it. Not Showbo, though. The little poodle had it on the floor while she proceeded to lick all the treat flavoring on the pill, leaving the pill itself lying on the floor. Mind you, everyother service dog happily ate their pill, but Showbo must like getting things stuffed down her throat. She reminds me of my sister when she was younger and could not swallow pills.

Yesterday’s journal assignment was to compare Canine Partners to other service animal organizations. This entry is better late than never. Actually, I totally forgot. Well, I have had a variety of contact with people of different backgrounds and disabilities, and Canine Partners has appeared the most strict. However, they also show genuine concern for the recipient and the dog, now and throughout the future of the partnership. Go Canine Partners!

Ok, back to today. At first, I was not a happy camper when I realized we had team training on a holiday. Dave had off work, and therefore, he joined me. The whole day was filled with great fun and games, which became very competitive. We, the recipients, only placed a little stress on our dogs, but they all survived.

We played musical hoops, where we made the circle thing and walked around hoops on the floor adjacent to the music. When the music stopped, our dogs needed to get their behinds in the hoop and sit down. Showbo had no problem fitting her little self within the hoop, but I could not help her find an empty hoop. We did not come even close to winning, but we were not the first group out of this unfair game.

Following lunch, we played a board game similar to family feud, where we formed 2 teams. The dogs were required to perform certain activities, which were found on a card. Each activity was assigned a mysterious number of points, and we needed 5 more points to reach the finish line. Showbo and I volunteered to do the activity, which was to walk side by side without the leash. She stayed beside my side for about 15 feet and back, and then she performed a perfect sit. Our team got 5points, making us the winners. Yea!

Showbo did not experience the luxury of hearing noisy fireworks, but I know she would handle them beautifully. This little dog has little fear!

Ok, I will talk to you later.

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