Good Week

Hi, everyone. I had a good week with my new doggy. Wednesday night is my bowling night, and, of course, Showbo joined me. As usual, I needed to make several trips to the bathroom. Showbo is so smart that now she leads me to the ladies room on the “let’s go to the bathroom” command. Then, she knows the term toilet once we are in the bathroom, and she is able to lead me back to the correct lane. She has a great memory, just like her mother. J

Last night was card night in the Garozzo household. One of our friends brings her dog with her on card nights, and we were all anxious to witness the interaction among the pets. Showbo started in harness, and Cyera was lounging on a window sill, which was directly above where Showbo was sitting. Every time our friend’s dog approached Showbo and Cyera, Cyera hissed and growled at him. Showbo was just the doggy in the middle, while Cyera defended them from the “other” dog. It was rather comical, and now I know who wears the pants in that relationship.J When I unharnessed Showbo later in the night, she had no interest in playing with the other dog, and she only wanted to be by my side. It was great, and I love her! Therefore, I played with Showbo before bed with one of her bizillion toys. Speaking of toys, Showbo only plays with like 3 of her toys, along with her nyla bone, but she would really prefer to run between my legs. Every now and then, Showbo will stop while under me as if I am riding her, which I am sure is a funny sight. Some days I do wish I could ride her. J

Anyway, talk to you again soon.

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