A lot of stories to tell this time. Please bear with us!

Dave and I took Showbo to a groomers in Exton, and they bathed her, cleaned her ears and brushed her teeth. Like I have said many times, Showbo is a spoiled little dog! They did a great job with her, and they are Christians. Cool, huh? While there, Dave and I bought a special lotion for Showbo’s skin infections, and I have been applying this lotion to her 5 infected areas every day since then. She is still a high maintenance dog, but she did finish her pills. Please keep this skin thing in your prayers!


When I go to restaurants with Showbo, she knows to go under the table, but she is very particular of her location, which is the same at the bowling alley. Anyway, Showbo needs only to take me to the restroom once, and she has it in memory. Needless to say, this is great for my extremely weak bladder, and my husband! He is now able to enjoy his dinner more by trusting Showbo with this task of taking me to the restroom. It will be some time before he can trust her with me, because, well, she is a dog.

Another cool thing happened with us on Monday night at Dave’s ultimate frisbee game. Showbo and I were sitting along the sideline, and I fed and hydrated Showbo. After some time, we stood, and Showbo led me to an open grass area, where she peed. We reached this grass area without going onto the fields! Showbo then led us back to our exact seating spot, using only her brain, and it being just the 2 of us. She is so, so awesome!

On Tuesday night, Showbo was able to assist Dave at bringing in the groceries. Well, she only brought in 1 bag of groceries, but she did it. I carried some groceries and asked Showbo to take 1 of the bags. She fondled with it a few times and then decided to drag it to the curb, because it was heavy. Then she got a good grip on it and lifted it up onto the curb. She then proceeded to carry it down the sidewalk, up another step and to the door. Dave took it from here, but Showbo received a lot of praise! Go, Showbo!

It has been so cute watching Showbo chase Cyera around the house during playtime, and I really enjoy their company. One cute thing that Showbo has been doing happens when she is getting a drink. I lead her to her water dish, and she gets a drink. While she is drinking, any little thing distracts her, and she stops drinking and looks. I then ask her if she is finished, she turns, and begins drinking again. This has even happened after she has taken a few steps away from the water dish, and it is adorable.

Ok, when we were at the bowling alley this week, Showbo randomly moved out from under the seat and stood there. I did not understand this behavior, which is very unlike this obedient little dog. I later realized that my cell phone was connected to her harness, and she stood every time it rang. Dave has the answering system designed to call my cell phone every time someone leaves a message on our home phone. Anyway, this design caused my cell phone to ring several times, which then startled Showbo. It is cool, though, because then Showbo comes to me as if bringing me the cell phone. How cool is that?

When I play with Showbo, I use the get “it” command with her toys. At certain times of the day I go through the living room to check the floor for dog and cat toys. Showbo hears my take “it” command and knows the difference from the other command. She picks up her toys and hands them to me, instead of starting to play. She is a good dog!

Well, that is enough for now. Enjoy, and I will talk to you next week.

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