Ok, we began the week by getting Showbo trimmed at the groomer, because her fur was getting too long, for a gorgeous poodle. Once again, Showbo behaved like an angel! I described the experience to Dave as portraying a visit to the hairdresser with a child and waiting patiently for the hairdresser to finish. Dave responded with total disagreement, saying Showbo is way more behaved than a child. I still believe the waiting part would be the same. Anyway, maybe I will discover this moment on my own some day!

Following the trimming, Showbo and I attended a leadership breakfast for Herbalife, which was held at someone’s home. I had some food, and then we sat through an organizational meeting. Well, I sat through the meeting, and Showbo laid through the meeting, every now and then releasing some gas. She was not very lady like, and boy, does she stink! It honestly was not me, either! I could almost tell she was going to have a gastroid intestinal release, because she would start to fidget, as if trying to hold it. She did not hold it, and now I no longer give her a certain kind of treat before going to sit in a public place. I do not care if she passes gas at home, because her farts smell like roses compared to those of my husband. J

A very impressive task performed by Showbo occurs in our home when we are doing laundry. She easily tugs the laundry basket back and forth, but she does more than that. I place hangers on our bed and have Showbo load up onto the bed, and I place the clean clothes near her. As I need a hanger for a piece of clothing, I request that Showbo takes it, as I point to the pile of hangers. She uses her mouth to grab a hanger, and when I say where is it, she puts the hanger into my hand. In other words, this intelligent poodle helps me hang our nice clothes. Yea!

Showbo also tugs clean linens from the closet to the bed, one at a time, and the dirty linens from the bed to the washing machine. She is a very helpful little dog.

Let me just tell all of you that Showbo acts more intelligent than me, at times. Every morning I lay my clothes in a pile on the floor and ask Showbo to take each piece and give it to me. One morning I laid the necessary pieces of clothing on the floor and proceeded to do the usual routine of getting dressed. Showbo gave me each item, one at a time, and I was eventually dressed except my socks. I continued pointing at the location of the clothes pile and telling Showbo to take it. Showbo just stood there, like a zombie. This lack of movement by Showbo made me very frustrated. I began to enforce the take it command and pointing her nose towards the pile of clothes. Now, please remember that I am blind, and Showbo is sighted! Showbo began to walk away, returning to me with a shoe in her mouth. I said thanks to her, but I again told her to take it and pointed. She walked away from me again and returned with a piece of my bathing suit in her mouth. I did not understand this behavior, and finally I decided to get my own socks. I walked toward the correct area, but my socks were no where to be found. Stupid me, I never got out a pair of socks, because I was not going to wear socks that day with my sandals. Showbo, however, tried very, very hard to please me, and I had to give her a multitude of praises! Again, I tell you, I love this cute, little poodle!

Lastly, Showbo’s CPL trainer, Megan, visited us on Wednesday. Megan wanted to observe Showbo and me as we attempted to carry various items up and down stairs. As usual, Showbo began the stairs on my left heel position, and, in a matter of 1 step, she was on my right going up the stairs in a backward motion. My theory behind this backward thing is that Showbo wants to keep her eyes on me. Who knows?

Anyway, in order to prevent Showbo from going backwards, I now use Showbo on my right side when I need to go up the stairs. Showbo does remain on my left side all other times, though. She did terrible carrying an item up the stairs, and she kept dropping it. Megan finished the visit by suggesting to me that I put Showbo in harness while doing anything that involves the stairs. Sorry, Showbo!

Well, I will talk to you all again soon.

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