Pet Sitting

Hi! October 4 was the open house for Canine Partners for Life, and we were asked to be a member of the panel for the afternoon discussion. This discussion was a breeze, since we received no questions, thankfully. And, this was the big day of the cow bingo, in which they released a cow onto a field with bingo squares. The lucky square to receive the cow pie won the event. Needless to say, the winning square was one of my tickets, and this ticket was bought by one of my neighbors. Showbo and I had the joy of getting our picture with Precious, the cow, after this event. J Showbo did NOT want to get near the cow, at all. I do not know if this behavior had anything to do with our little incident with a horse, but maybe.

A few of these days were unlike most days in the Garozzo household, because Showbo, Cyera and I were sitting for my sister-in-law’s little dog. This poor little dog! Cyera teased him and wanted nothing to do with him, while Showbo wanted to play and pounce on, I mean near, him. Surprisingly, he did not want to do anything with Showbo. It was very crazy here, because Showbo wanted to eat his food, which included human food. Showbo did not show interest in the human food, though! In turn, the boy dog wanted to eat Cyera’s cat food. Ugh! We all survived. I tried to keep the extra dog in his segregated area, but I did try to allow him to sleep with us. He proceeded to lick, and lick, and lick David, who put him back in his pen. Again, I say it is so amazing what a little training can do to a dog! Showbo looks like an angel, which she is, of course.

Well, the same day as the open house also happened to be a babysitting day for my brother-in-law’s baby girl, along with dog sitting. What a day for us! The 6-month old little girl was easy to care for, and she was content just seeing the various pets, no touching. Cyera, my kitty, was more interested in the baby than were the 2 dogs. If anything, Showbo was extremely jealous of the baby, and my attention to the baby. It was just one day, though, Showbo!

Since the horse and buggy accident, my right knee has not been the same. The orthopaedic prescribed physical therapy for my knee, not mental therapy, yet. Showbo did well helping me up the outside stairs to the facility. Once inside and beginning the exercises, Showbo behaved quite fine, laying next to my table most of the time. Every time she heard me move on the paper-covered table, she thought we were going somewhere. When she realized it was a false alarm, she returned to her nap. When we were ready to leave the table, she would begin to take me towards the door. Then I told her to follow the therapist, and she did.

Every day when I return to this building, Showbo takes me up the stairs, into the building, and walks directly towards the therapy entrance. She does not pass go, and does not collect $200. J Then, she immediately takes me to the waiting area to a chair. We proceed to do the same exercise routine, and she is a huge success. Everyone there adores her and is very impressed with her calmness and intelligence.

Lastly, I would like to share my thoughts about a play time with Showbo. Dave and I took her to a fenced baseball field to play. Our friends, who have whippet dogs, were also there. Once out of harness, Showbo anxiously ran towards the other 2 dogs. This was their second encounter with each other, and they had fun. The whippet dogs are now bigger and faster than before, meaning Showbo needed to work this time. The male whippet was more in a playful mood than the female whippet, and he ran from Showbo. He ran way faster than Showbo, which caused Showbo to begin cutting corners. Showbo could barely keep up with the other dogs, and she frequently took water breaks. She was very smart to cut corners, and I still think Showbo is fast.

Well, until next time, enjoy your days!

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