Irished Out

Today we successfully made it to Notre Dame for the campus tour. What a beautiful campus. Our tour guide says that tuition is $40k a year, plus about another $10k for room and board. But his mom works at Notre Dame, so he only has to pay for room and board. Must be nice. (He said he did need to earn his way into the university, and that it is a very tough school to be accepted into.)

This evening, we ate dinner at a restaurant called Fiddler’s Hearth. I wanted to go there because they had live music – not that I’m a fan of Keltic music, but better than nothing. The music ended up being quite nice. Unfortunately, Carolena was extremely difficult. I think this ranks in the top 3 worst dinner experiences with kids. Carolena was screaming and crying, and I couldn’t figure out what she wanted. It was a mess. At least Domino was good. I thought the food was fine, but the girls barely touched their Shepard’s Pie.

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