Amish Acres

Today we spent the day at Amish Acres. It’s an Amish farm in Nappanee, Indiana. While there, we went on a wagon tour, had a very good Amish lunch at Thrasher’s, saw a wonderful play called Pain & Fancy – which was a nice story about the Amish in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania – saw a documentary about the history of the Amish, and went on a walking tour of the property. It was a very long day. Domino did great during the play. Carolena didn’t do too bad, either. But after the play, Carolena started to be a handful. And at the end of the walking tour, Domino let us know how tired she was. When we got home, Domino didn’t feel well, and went straight to bed without eating any dinner. I’m a bit worried about her. Hopefully a long nights rest will help her feel good for tomorrow.

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