Not much excitement today. Mike and his family went home today. Domino and Carolena miss their cousins Michael and Ileona. My family mostly hung out here at the cabin. We left to go souvenir shopping, and to pick up some more milk and stuff at the grocery store. Mom and Dad went back to Greenville, and returned with three cooked lobster. I think they were about 1.5 pounds each, and only cost $10 each. Pretty awesome deal. This evening, Dad and I went moose searching, and we finally got a sighting. There was a mom and it’s kid, walking through a creek. We were able to get a couple of pictures of them before they disappeared. I wish we could have gotten closer. Marie made friends with another vacationing couple from North Carolina, and we played Hearts against them this evening. Marie won.
Only one more full day left in Maine. Not really sure what we are going to do.

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