Last Night in Jackman

It’s our last night in Jackman, Maine. I really enjoyed this trip. I’m not sure if it’s because it was Maine, or because most of my family was here on vacation with us. Probably more the latter, but Maine was beautiful, and I would love to come back.
Today, my Dad and I went on three small hikes to waterfalls. Unfortunately, the first one wasn’t marked very well. We were supposed to hike a mile into the woods. While we could hear the falls, with the trail not marked at all, we weren’t comfortable with being able to find the car after finding the falls, so we turned back.
The other two falls were very pretty. Dad and I took lots of pictures. I hope they come out nice.
The rest of the day was spent packing and loading up the car, with a small swim in the middle and a trip for ice cream at the end.
We are getting up early to start our trip tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow – we are going to stop at the Maine Lobster Festival! I can’t wait!

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